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 Register online for free!! Fill out the teacher registration form and submit it.
 Receive a password from by e-mail.
  Sign in to MY-page. Then upload your digital picture to your profile and add detailed information about the train lines / stations where you are available to teach.
Prospective students look at the teacher profiles on the website.
When students find a teacher they like, they pay a minimal fee for that teacher's contact details.
Students receive the teacher's e-mail address and phone number by e-mail.

------ Students and teachers contact each other directly from here. ------
Wait for an e-mail or phone call from prospective students.
N.B. If your profile has not been updated for more than 6 months, it will not be shown on the Student Site.
  The student contacts the teacher... YOU !!!

Arrange a trial lesson; date, time and place. If all is OK......

Start lessons !!!

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